The Rebuild

Deconstructing this idea of what we’re supposed to be or better yet who we are supposed to be.

Ignorance is bliss but to what extent? Is it so much better to not see yourself or others around you? To not have a care in the world because it’s much easier that way.

Who are we as a whole? Do you even know who you were before the pain set in? Do you even know before you allowed someone to shape your perception of yourself?

Is it so much wiser to be blind to yourself? Your greatest potential. Would you much rather mask it with things that dont matter. The things that mute you, the things that blind you from your true self.

Reconstructing this idea of what and who we are.

Building yourself back up from the “broken” pieces of you. Finding the light in the darkness because your demons no longer satisfy that part of you.

Longing for something more, knowing you deserve something more. Figuring out every which way possible to get it.

Finding that thirst for knowledge because ignorance is no longer enough.

Feeling this strong urge to change but you dont know what. The good thing about that is you can change anything.

We know nothing stays the same so who said you had to.

Reconstructing this idea of what and who we are.

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