Fear and Doubt

My friend felt compelled to draw me this picture we discussed it for awhile and we both expressed what we thought it meant.

The closer I looked it seemed that good ideas are always muddled by other things that get in the way, never allowing you to see the dream clear enough.

I don’t think that is was a good enough analysis because that picture haunted me for a good week anytime I closed my eyes there it was. Until i asked the question what does it mean? because at that point I needed to know.

Fear and Doubt that’s what the two fish represent. It became clear that no matter what kind of idea you had if there was fear and doubt muddling your thoughts you would never execute anything.

Fear can be paralyzing so much so that you’d rather sit there in the abyss than to make any move in particular. You’d rather stay in a space that serves you no good. You rather stay in a space that makes you sick.

How do you breakthrough that fear?

You take one step one little step that will lead to your wildest dreams. Don’t be consumed by the end result you haven’t gotten there YET. Don’t forget it’s ok to stand up and sit back down for a moment to gather yourself but you can’t stay down.

Doubt can make you feel like you’re not worthy of anything good so why even try.

How can you be self loving and trusting of yourself with so much doubt? Remember, who deserves anything good if not you?

I doubted myself so much because all of my decisions were based on other people and how they felt. I had to decide that my ideas are just as good as anyone else’s. I had to decide that if it didn’t feel right to me then I wasn’t doing it no matter how someone felt.

I contemplated this blog for a while and I never made the move because of fear and doubt, but one day I felt compelled and there was no alternative my flip switched from fear and doubt to NO THIS is what is going to happen.

What drives you to overcome fear and doubt? Where does the idea of you don’t deserve more stem from?

There’s nothing to fear than fear itself the worse that can happen is a no, but we’ve all been told no before and we didn’t die.

Breakthrough the doubt of your mind because I can guarantee you that you’re the only one that feels like you can’t do it. Trust me there is someone out there rooting for you.

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