What If

🚨🚨 Trigger alert 🚨🚨

What if everything that didn’t align with your beliefs wasn’t called a conspiracy theory and was renamed a different perspective.

What if instead of saying you need a drink or you need to smoke when problems arise, you face the issue head-on and be done with it.

What if instead of saying you need coffee, you establish better sleeping habits and a healthier diet. (If you get headaches from not drinking coffee, your body is going through withdrawal, the same way you tell addicts to figure out a way to get over their addictions is the same way you need to figure out how to get through the first stages)

What if we were told about the signs of the end of the world for so long that we’re playing right into the hands of the people who control the world.

What if covid was the beginning of a great awakening.

What if it wasn’t a coincidence that covid, self-love, self-care, trauma healing, and finding purpose in life run parallel to each other.

What if we could save ourselves and each other.

What if no one is coming to save you? Not in the way you might think.

What if for all of the people who tap into themselves and transmute their darkness to light, is what connects you to yourself and God.

What if the more people did that, the more light entered the world. Hence God coming into the world

What if you could change one thing about yourself today? What would it be?

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