Ripple Through My Body

There is something in my heart that doesn’t belong to me. It ripples throughout my entire system. The feeling of sadness, the sense of defeat. The tears that want to pour from my eyes. I feel so much as if the pain were mine.

Who has tapped in because they know I could speak the words they could not? Who is suffocating in their sadness? Who is drowning in their pain?

What have you been avoiding? You know your answers; I do not. I can’t tell you anything except I hear you, and I could feel you. You’ve felt alone for so long. You didn’t think anyone would ever hear your silent screams.

They aren’t as silent as you think. They ripple through my body, so I know they’re ready to burst through yours.

Let out that one good scream.
Let out that one good cry.

I hear your silent screams as you go about your day. You deserve an academy award with that smile you keep on your face.

Let out that pain you’ve held onto. Breathe through the chaos that you feel trapped under.

For so long, you’ve felt alone, but today I’m telling you I hear your silent screams.

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