Living On The List I Love

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Death of old self and limiting beliefs. End of thinking I am not on the right path. Death of thinking that I am somehow a failure for not being “where I am supposed to be.”

How could I not be on the right path when all of my needs are taken care of plus more?

Breakdown of self. Letting go of all the angst. Who am I to think that I am less than when I am a child of God? In my faith, I have been shown more than what meets the eye.

My anxiety is a superpower because it saves me from situations I don’t belong in, and it shows me where I fall short.

I started a Bible plan today and was excited to start my day in my beliefs.

Suddenly, I felt like I was breaking down and felt like things were crumbling around me.

I told myself I’d continue with the plan of writing about who I am in Christ because what I was feeling wasn’t acceptable, and I couldn’t let it control me.

Thats what the ego does when it knows it’s going to die. It makes you think of all of these negative things and distracts you from your purpose.  The original plan was to sing and dance in the rain as God prepared me for what’s to come.

I had to make a list of the labels and roles that I love and those that were negative and followed me through life.

I choose to live on the list that I love because it is all of the things that make me who I am.

Who am I, you ask?

I am a child of Christ
I am a child of love
I am a child of all things good

2 thoughts on “Living On The List I Love

  1. That makes me cry because of all the years that we all spend being our own worst enemy. To drop all that and say those last three lines to ourselves. To understand it completely, internally, is to become what we already were, all along 💜 thank you for the reminder.

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