Authentic Version

As I grew as a person, I knew what type of partner I was looking for any time I evolved, so did my person.

I was looking for someone just like me. My partner had to be everything that I was; I mean, I think im cool, but my freedom is what sets me apart.

I wanted my person to be just as free as I am, not realizing I was locking them in a box that looked like me.

The other night everything in me felt like a wild horse that couldn’t be tamed unless I wanted to be, and I said I wanted my partner to be just as wild and free, and we only tame each other if we wanted to be.

How can I determine someone else’s freedom?

I can’t, but what I can do is show up as the most authentic version of myself. Every time until they feel comfortable enough to do the same.

Let’s face it; when ppl see freedom, they become intrigued and want to know your secrets to keep for themselves.

2 thoughts on “Authentic Version

  1. So true. Sometimes, who ends up being The One is someone totally opposite than we’d imagined, and it is letting them be themselves that compliments us. But also, being free, you don’t want to find someone confined either, and that can be a problem. HA! There are no easy answers with Love, and no steadfast rules. All I know is that I’m so glad I didn’t find someone like me, like I had hoped for. I would never have grown this much ๐Ÿ’œ

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    1. That was precisely my next thought! Where is the challenge with someone like me lol then I thought about that episode of the twilight zone when the guy wished everyone was like him, and he was miserable lol the minute I dropped expectations was the minute it all started to shift. I’m in the void to continue to learn and weed out what no longer serves me, and putting people in a box doesn’t serve me. ๐Ÿ’—

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