It’s Going To Be A Good One!

Okay, bare with me as this may seem like a ramble, but i promise you it’s a good one.

God has showed up and showed out. If saying the universe makes you feel better then read this through that lens, but let’s get over ourselves and realize that it’s the same source, force and power behind it.

I choose to praise God!

Now, the level of excitement I feel right now is out of this world. Since I quit my job I haven’t needed or wanted for anything. Over the course of time I have received over $10,000 don’t ask how because my how wouldn’t be yours. Just know when people said no God said yes.

I say that to say this. Find what’s in your heart and follow the hell out of it. We have become so accustomed to thinking our heart gets broken. Your feelings live in your mind and feelings are fleeting. Your mind is put in place to protect you it’s all for survival. Following your heart will give you the most alive feeling that you’ve ever felt. If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us that in a blink of an eye it could all change, and life wasn’t guaranteed.

Back to why I want to rejoice lol. The last few months I have been able to focus on what makes my heart shine and to dive into my passions, some new and some that I forgot about. God sent me into the wilderness literally the woods were my backyard lol, but I just knew going in i was getting a miracle. My miracle didn’t happen the way I thought it would. I began to question like um I’m here doing what you said. I’m ready for the next step.

My inner voice said, hoe, how are you ready for something that you’re not putting action to? (God has a dope way of speaking to you in a language that you understand) don’t judge me though lol.

That’s the moment I sat and came up with the modules for my business and content for the website that im currently working on.

Long story short.

Find what lives in your heart and follow the hell out of it because as fate would have it you will be protected and given more than you deserve.

Find the language that God speaks to you in and listen.

Without action there really is no plan and without taking steps doors can’t be closed and opened for you.

Stay dope and drink water

P.S. as I make my own shifts I could see the people closest to me making their own and stepping into their purpose. If they haven’t found their purpose they’re stepping out of their unhappiness and moving towards a brighter day.

Energy is a beautiful thing!

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