Coaching Opportunity

I’m starting a self-love empowerment coaching business and put together 4 modules.

They include:

I’m looking for 4 volunteers to do the modules you could pick one or all 3. Healing is the recap of what we learned over the course of time.

Someone who is serious about changing their way of thinking.
Someone who is open and honest and not afraid to share how they feel.

The work involved is answering the basic questions in as much detail as possible.

From there I’ll tailor questions to your specific need and we’ll set goals and task for you to do.

I’m here to hold you accountable, but I also need you to hold yourself accountable.

I know life happens, but there can’t be too many excuses.

Trust me the process isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

I’m an open book there will never be a moment where you feel alone.

If interested you can email me and everything is strictly business and between us.

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