The God In Her

As I lay here with my eyes closed I could picture your face. All the while I’m hearing a conversation that I’ve had about you where I stated you were God to me.

You’re a goddess in your own right, matter of fact you embody the very nature of the conversation if God was a woman.

If God was a woman she would be just like you. The way you look into my eyes and past my faults and pull up my deepest darkest fears. You don’t do it to judge, no, you do it to help heal me. You nurture every flaw that I tried to hide and you tell me that I’m beautiful.

You look me so deep into my eyes that you pull every emotion out of me, but those damn tears are what you get the most. You feel my emotions in order to help me understand myself.

Your nature is so calm and soothing, but oh so protective. You possess the strength of all the women that came before you. You are a light and im like a moth to your flame.

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