The Expansion

God, just rip me open already. I feel my hearts core expanding at this very moment.

I feel myself becoming bigger than my body can hold. God, just let me expand already.

God, just tell me what to do and work through me i promise that I’ll do it. Just allow me to expand.

Allow me to rip through this shell thats too small for my being. Let my soul shine brighter than what my body can hold.

Let me be the light that you so desperately need me to be.

God, allow me to expand in order to do the work.

God, allow me to expand bc staying in this space hurts.

God, you are making my heart bigger than my body can hold. Just please give me some more space.

I’ll breathe it out as my heart grows, I’ll breathe it out as my light expands, I’ll breathe it out until that beam of light shoots out of me and fully connects with you.

God? this is what it feels like to truly carry you in my heart? Lord, you are preparing a sacred place. Cleaning the debris that i must’ve missed.

I welcome you into my space and into my heart. I’ll carry you wherever I go as you have carried me even before I knew you.

My breathing slows as the beam of light comes back into me fully connected. The expansion is not fully complete, but you’ve placed yourself into my heart.

I’ve searched for you and I have found you. I’ve searched for me and I have found me.

I stand in my power and in my truth because we have already proved that nothing is impossible.

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