I felt the need to write on sexual trauma, I feel it in my spirit. I can feel her blaming herself for not being strong enough to fight him off. I can feel her energy of regret for not telling her father. I can feel her energy of trying to figure out where she went wrong in the way she loves herself. I can feel her get mad at herself for allowing him to have the power over her after so many years. I can feel her agonizing screams on the inside, as her tears fall silently down her face. I just want to grab her and pull that energy out of her heart. I want to tell her she doesn’t have to hold it anymore. It happened and im sorry, but she doesn’t have to feel guilty. I need to tell her how beautiful she is, I need to look her in the eyes and take her pain away. I need to take her pain and allow my light to set her free. As much as I want to set her free only she could do it for herself, only she could find her light and her beauty, only she could take her power back. I can only send her light, love and positivity while she goes to the darkest places of her mind. So, I ask you to pray for her because sadly, we all know a HER.

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