Unpopular Opinion

I think it’s really disheartening.

Everyone screams about the importance of mental health, but then turns around and jokes on or doesn’t understand people fight demons bigger than they could ever imagine.

Yeah, people make their own bed and have to lie in it, but I’m sure we have all had to do the same.
If you can’t meet someone with compassion and understanding maybe you shouldn’t meet them at all.

Why am I scrolling down my timeline seeing videos of fighting and someone killing people at point blank range? What are you feeding yourself as you watch these videos and what are you trying to feed me or others by sharing?
Yea I get it your page you can do what you want. The question is, when will you realize the energy that you put out is the energy you get in return? Everyone is screaming how important energy is and how they have to protect theirs at all cost and yet they are doing themselves the most harm.

Here is another thing for you to think about.

1. You have a group of 5 “friends” that show each other disrespect. As people walk by they see the disrespect and they think they could join.
Why? Bc that’s what they’re being shown.

2. I say something disrespectful about my sister to you and you turn around and say something about her.
Can I get mad? No because I’ve already set the standard for how to treat her. The narrative of well that’s my sister I can say what I want is out the window.

3. If I am defeated in my own space and I have a lack of care for my belongings.
Can I get mad at people for coming in and not respecting my space? You could only hope that people wouldn’t follow my lead, but it’s been proven time and time again that people will treat the space how you treat it.

I’m just going to leave all of that right there with you.

I think it’s time to take accountability for ourselves on an individual level and for once look at the energy you put out.

Life isn’t rainbows and sunshine.
But it doesn’t have to be
Death and destruction either.

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