What Are You Feeling?

A suffocation of emotions and old beliefs, I feel the stagnation of my mind playing tricks on me. I feel the need to release repressed feelings that no longer serve me.

I feel the need to breathe and release, but I’m getting lost in the how. Watching everything around me instead of what’s inside of me. Paying attention to all the wrong things.

I speak for me, but I also speak for you. I speak for you because I can feel you in the deepest part of my soul. My suffocation is not mine alone.

The words don’t flow out of your mouth as it does mine. I’m the mirror that reflects your deepest needs and desires. The mirror where you could be your true self.

I shine the light through all of the mask you picked up along the way. As I heal you heal, as I become one with myself you begin to follow suit. You see the light that shines bright and you want it for yourself.

Death of one’s self is not an easy pill to swallow. They tell you not to go into the light, but that’s where you become alive.

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