My words hold weight against the greatest things imaginable. My words are where my super power lives. I write because my words tell a story of what’s to come and what’s come to past.

I’ve learned to speak only when spoken to, but that gave me greater listening capabilities. While you thought your words were more important than my own, I sat in my own silence finding my own power.

My power are my words that will no longer be silenced. Everything that I’ve said has to come to fruition, yet people still dont believe. I have nothing to prove, but I just want to share.

My words are what keeps me afloat. The ability to stop myself from drowning just by putting words down on a piece of paper. I plant seeds by using my words I give light to the darkest minds.

Words so simple, yet so freeing. My words are my super power anchoring in the storms that have come to destroy. My words also build within the chaos, build to something much better than we’ve ever known.

My words are where my superpowers live.

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