1 Out Of 7.53 billion

I belong. Out of 7.53 billion people I’m 1 of them. Within all of these people, how do I not belong?

How can I see myself as less than? Or undeserving when I’m able to be 1 out of 7.53 billion. I know you’re saying how does that make you special if there’s so many other people?

I’m special because there’s only one me. Not one other person possess the gifts that I do. How can I not see this within myself? When I’ve witnessed people trying to be better just off of a conversation that we’ve had, better yet just by watching me work my own magic.

Everyone has a story surprisingly all of the stories seem similar. Heartbreak, abandonment, sickness, and death. My story is mine though and its mine to keep because it led me to this place and this moment.

This moment of trying to be alive, the moment of pulling myself together, the moment where I dont want to just live, eat and die. The moment where my absolute truth is mine.

1 out of 7.53 billion people and my purpose is to tell my story so that there is no confusion to who I am, who I’m going to be. This way when you tell your story there’s no confusion in who you are or who you’re going to be.

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