Inner Child

She’s hurting. When I’m healing her we are on top of the world, when I include her she’s the most productive and aware person imaginable.

She’s hurting. When I think it’s fine to go on without her she throws a tantrum. A tantrum just like a child saying things that we really don’t mean being self destructive.

Why would she want to ruin anything for us?

She’s hurting. She trust me to take care of her and I’m letting her down. I dont talk to her I don’t make her feel safe. I forget. That’s the problem she’s always been forgotten.

She’s hurting. She can’t tell you how she’s hurting, she can’t tell you what she needs from you if you don’t listen to her.

She’s hurting. I feel her and want to make her better. I promised to bring her with me, but at the smallest points of my happiness I forget about her.

She’s hurting. How can I forget about her if she’s apart of me? I disconnect from her correction she let’s go of my hand when she feels not needed. I don’t include her in my happiness only in my sadness.

She’s hurting. That’s the only time I listen to her when we’re both hurting. I have to keep her at all times. She’s my strength and my glue, she’s the one that truly makes it right, without her I’m nothing, she’s the one that holds it all together, she’s the one that deserves to be in the light.

She’s hurting. She’s my inner child and I have to be just as good to her as I am my own child. Without her there is no me.

She’s hurting but I promise to help her heal.

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