Black Woman

There’s something about this black woman that can’t be denied. Her eyes hold her truth, fears and pain. Her smile is warm and generous, but holds back her own tears. Her skin is of a honey complexion, cold waiting to find her warmth.

What she found was her ability to decode the universe in order to work within it and not against it. She found her answers through the hardest test. She woke up from a reality that wasn’t real. She found her song that made her soul sing.

If her soul sings, why hasn’t she found her warmth? She knows she’s not finished. She knows there’s so much more to do. This black woman knows she has the power to unlock your mind and help you find your soul’s song. The song that connects you to the infinite power that can create any reality you want.

This black woman has been through so much in such a short amount of time, so much that would’ve made anyone crumble under the weight. She rose to the occasion and faced her fears and everything that caused her pain. This black woman knows that empowerment comes from words and how they can move mountains, she refuses to speak anything but life over someone.

Speaking life, speaking positively, providing shelter in her safe place even if it’s only for a minute. Telling everyone I promise you it’s safe take a break from your turmoil and rest your weary feet.

How do you know so much about this black woman? I AM this black woman!

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