The Ramble

I need to write only if to ramble. To clear my mind of this weight of nothingness. Getting lost in a space of constant chatter but no one is saying anything. I’m tired, but who needs sleep anyway. Who needs sleep when you’re getting lost in nothingness.

I haven’t written in awhile and when I tried there were too many confusing thoughts. Too many different stories so they were all left undone. Almost ready to erase so I can’t be witness to the incompleteness which are my thoughts. Witnessing my complancey that I’m fighting hard to get out of, witnessing all that is wrong. See that’s my mind playing tricks on me because there really isn’t anything wrong I’m just tired.

Look how easy it was to ramble just to clear my mind of nothingness. Sorting out the things that don’t really matter. Long story short I need a nap.

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