The will to find peace

I have to admit the things that would usually bother me no longer have a space in me. I have to say while I still suffer from anxiety I’m no longer frustrated by it. Learning to ground myself with little things like breathing, twisting my ring focusing on anything that I can touch even if that means laying flat on the floor. Once I’m able to breath I can now focus on the real problem at hand instead of the little details that plagued my mind. In every problem there’s a lesson you just have to be willing to solve it.

I’m learning that things are happening around me and even if it does for a moment affect me I can’t let it bring me down. I can’t save the world but I could save myself and in doing that hoping that people see my strength and use it for themselves.

I have to go with the flow of the current and not fight against it I’ve been there and drowned. Finding my own sense of peace in whatever that looks like to me has been the most rewarding.

What does your peace look like to you? Just close your eyes and picture it, feel it radiating through your body. When you feel it go search it out.

Whether that means leaving relationships, friendships, even jobs/careers.

The one thing money cant buy is a peace of mind and it is by far the one thing you cant live without.

How do you choose to find your peace?

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