I hear silence; I hear nothing and yet in a complete space of being calm. Usually, when I hear silence, I feel alone, but today I know I’m never alone because I will always have me.

I will always show up for myself.
I will always take the lead in my life despite what it looks like to others.
I will be the trendsetter when it comes to following your heart.
I will take the lead in showing people what it looks like.

Silence is no more. Drums are going off because I have found the way to my heart. The course was never through someone else. It always had to be through me.

The drums and trumpets are going crazy because I have found the song that makes my heart sing.

The song that has been leading me home. I make my heart singβ€”my ability to find happiness even while alone makes my heart sing. My ability to take care of myself makes my heart sing. Let’s not forget my light that shines bright for the world to see.

When everyone is gone and the dust settles. The quiet time no longer haunts me the most. It is in the quiet time where I could hear my heart sing.

18 thoughts on “Silence

      1. I want to say about a year, maybe two. It just felt right. I write every day, and there are some things that I write where it doesn’t feel like it was only for me. So I threw myself out there afraid, but I did it!

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  1. This is just so beautiful Tamirra! So true. By questioning what it is we need from others we discover what we need to give to ourselves. Once we are self sufficient and don’t require anything of anyone, giving becomes effortless. πŸ’œ

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    1. And we won’t give from a place of lack. That’s the real lesson. Can you honestly give from the heart and not based on what someone else can do for you when you provide them with something.

      That’s why I love to ask ppl what they are looking for in a partner, and as soon as they answer, I ask them if they do it for themselves. That’s the game-changer.


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