Absence Is Love!

I have died many times in two years. I die a little each day. I gather new information that cancels out something I learned the day prior. I heal at an accelerated rate because I refuse to feel stuck. I have learned to let go where I need to let go.

Letting go sometimes feels like abandonment, depending on your trauma. I have felt guilt plenty of times for letting go.

Letting go is the healthiest thing you could do for yourself or someone else.

Working through my abandonment issues and examing the people that I felt left me, I noticed a pattern of not having peace and being unhealthy within themselves.

When I step back from people, it’s because I don’t have peace, and I’m unhealthy around people.

What we have to start realizing is that as much as we blame ourselves for absence, it’s never us, unless you’re the unhealthy person and someone decided to love themselves more.

As I write this, I’m noticing LOVE through the absence. I see the LOVE someone has, for you won’t allow their demons to destroy you. You LOVE someone enough not to let your monsters destroy them. The LOVE for self to walk away from unhealthy is enough to keep you going.

Ha! Look at all of that LOVE that we’re missing because of all we see its absence.


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