The Credit

I truly don’t give myself the credit I deserve.
I am the calm in the storm that destroys because I can see the beauty in the destruction.
I am the one that thrives in chaos because that has been my life all along.
I am the one that’ll find your brightside or at least the silver lining, so it’s best that you didn’t complain to me.
I am the one that plants seeds to show you the depth of your own mind.
I am the one who convinces you that you could save yourself.
I am the one who will be your light in your darkest moments.
I am the one that has healed through the fire. The one that emerges from the ashes.
I am the one who thrives in the fire.
I am the one who holds my dreams to a higher standard and by any means necessary they will come to fruition.
I am the one who speaks things into existence.
I am the one who loves the deepest even though she was never taught how.
I am the person that will always be a listening ear because I know what it’s like to be told be quiet.
I am the person, no excuse me, I am the light.

My souls shines so bright that I can no longer see my imperfections.
I am perfection.
I am happiness.
I am joy.

And when i tell you I am all of the above its from a space of rejoicing because I have made it out of the wilderness. Seasons change, but God is Present and keeps the promises that were made.

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