Moth To A Flame

With my light you’re like a moth to a flame.

You’ve also seen what flames do to moths so it scares you the most.

This time you aren’t a moth that is engulfed and killed.

You’re a Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

You get the opportunity to be someone new. I know right? Scariest thing in the fucking world.

Or is it? With time things always change, with time we have to learn to adapt.

Or do we? We can just be our truest selves and live in our own truth bc the taste of it is oh so sweet.

We’ve done things the same for so long that we think it’s normal we also think that we’ll get different results. The true definition of crazy.

I feel your burning desire. I feel all of what you don’t say. And that’s why I push you to express yourself bc you have so much to say.

And I know with my light you’re like a moth to a flame.

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