The Choice

I’m just going to place my unpopular opinion right here.

I feel it’s time to move on from certain narratives and realize we’re all humans living a human experience.

I feel like it’s time to start having conversations that makes us uncomfortable with the people that it makes us uncomfortable with.

The level of misunderstandings and hate is a real issue scrolling down my timeline seeing everyone point the finger at each other without taking some type of accountability is pretty disgusting.

I know people are tired of having to explain why something is right or wrong, but let’s step back and look at the whole picture. Take your personal feelings out of it and look through a lens of logic. Look at it through the lens of understanding.

The world is NEVER going to be the same again. No one is coming to save you . It’s time to save ourselves because at this point no one is right. We’re all wrong and we’re all missing the mark.

We are in the time of ultimate darkness and it’s time to be the light. I dont know about ya’ll, but I choose to live in the light.

We are all ultimately responsible for each other I cannot have knowledge about something and not share it and get mad because someone is ignorant to the fact. How can I sit next to you and not try to elevate you?

We are ALL carrying pain from experiences, we’re all carrying things that we were taught along the way and honestly it’s time to unlearn all of it and start over.

When I started to share my work and my own experiences I thought I was speaking to a certain demographic. God proved me wrong and showed me that as a COLLECTIVE WHOLE we ALL share the same feelings and fears.

Anyway, long story short be the light.

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