Coming Out Of The Shadows

Forgive me, this may sound like a throw up of words, but these are the words that need to be thrown up in order for them to no longer choke me.

Hi, my name is Tamirra. Some of you know my many layers, while others only know my surface. My healing ends with me coming out of the shadows. Social anxiety is something that has held me hostage. The little girl in me screaming to not be seen, but I am here to tell her and everyone else that I deserve nothing more but to be seen.

I have been my worse enemy my entire life, putting blame on others when it was only my pain speaking. I have treated myself with no love or understanding. I have given myself physically, mentally and emotionally in ways that should have never happened. I have forgiven myself throught it all.

I realized in learning to forgive myself I am able to change my perspective and forgive others. Everyone is fighting their own demons I was just lucky enough to fight mine and win.

I have unearthed my gifts and my gifts are my words. The authenticity behind them and being able to understand my truth to help others find theirs.

I say all of that to say this, everyone deserves to be heard even if it’s in opposition to what you believe and we really aren’t as different as we think we are we’re just afraid to face ourselves. These are some of my truths because I refuse to live in the shadows and I refuse to continue to think that I am not enough because in reality I have already healed myself.

I want to leave you with a Hindu myth

Humans were created with Devine powers, but took advantage of the powers. (Of course) so the chief God took them away.

The chief God asked his counsel where he should hide them.

One suggested the core of the earth, he said, no they’ll only dig the earth to find it.

Another suggested the deepest part of the sea, he said, no they’ll only dive to find it.

The last suggestion was the highest mountain tops, he said, no they’ll only climb until they reach it.

The chief God decided to hide it inside of the people because he knew they would never look there.

We are searching outside of ourselves in order to find that thing that makes us whole. In reality, the deeper you dive inside of yourself is where you’ll find your power.

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