My Testimony

A few years ago I decided to read The New Testament for myself although I found comfort it wasn’t enough for me, so I asked God to lead me to the truth. I came across a few books on African Spirituality, some on the universe and others on Christ Consciousness. Everything that I have read felt the same as if there was truth in all, but something was still missing. I prayed and asked again and that’s when everything changed.

The first was my father’s death amongst some other deaths shortly after, but we also know what I endured with Peyton and the loss of Jus Nova. That’s when I was thrown into “the dark night of the soul” if you’re not familiar with it. It’s a term used to describe what one would call a collapse of a perceived meaning in life… an eruption into your life or a deep state of meaninglessness. Nothing in my life made sense anymore and I realized I had to let go of everything physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The more I started to do the work for myself the lighter I became and the more free I had become shedding energies that no longer serves a purpose. What felt like my life falling apart was actually it falling into place. Let me tell you I experience synchronicities on a daily basis and I am guided through everyday life. Let’s fast forward.

The other day I started to feel hopeless because I felt like I was doing everything right and couldn’t figure out why I was at a standstill. I did what I do best and started writing. I asked God and my Angels for direction and my answer was to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and I guess because i was apprehensive while doing it nothing happened after lol.
I took 5 deep breaths, closed my eyes and started to write again I fully surrendered my life I realized there was nothing more that I could do for myself, I realized there were doors that I couldn’t open myself, once I fully surrendered a great peace came over me and I wrote and I am home!

Christ Consciousness represents:
Love, compassion, patience, forgiveness, generosity, peace, faith, divinity, charity, oneness, humility, gratitude and non-judgment.

I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to encompass all of those great things and live that type of lifestyle?

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