Ability to Move

God is not separate from me the minute I separate the two is the minute I lose all power.

Once again what one believes has nothing to do with this journey. Do whatever brings you comfort in your trying times, but whatever it is you do search your truth.

The universe is working in your favor pushing and pulling when it needs to, the minute you go with the flow things fall into place.

Ask yourself why do you stay? Is it a sense of loyalty? Is it a sense of fear? So comfortable that you’d rather wake up and dread going somewhere? Walking into doors that you don’t necessarily belong in, walking into doors for a fear of not being able to pay a bill.

Did you know you receive more when you do something that you love? Did you know that you didn’t have to be stuck? Did you know that you’re not a tree and you’re not planted anywhere, even trees are moved and repurposed when their time is up.

Yea I know, you liked that one that one caught your attention. What will you do with it? What will come from this? What will your next step be?

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