The Thunderstorm

The heavens open up even if for a little while. Open up to remind you that your voice is loud, heard loud and clear. The boom that scares people who don’t know any better. The same way your words may be off putting to the ones who dont understand. The same boom that puts others to sleep. The same way your words bring about peace.

The light that strikes across the sky, the light that brightens things up in a moments time. The same as you do when you enter a room. The quiet storm that no one understands. The light that flashes before their eyes wondering if they really seen what they thought they did. Then that boom that comes from a distance to bring the realization that the storm is here. The same way you walk into a room, the same way you speak your words they realize that you’re here.

Your storm can either bring peace or it can destroy. Don’t let the thought of destroying get you down though because in destroying you know how to build back up.

The storm that has always lived inside of you shows you who you are. Why do you think you found your peace in it everytime?

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