Self Hatred

What your mind tells your heart is this is what you deserve. Paying for your past mistakes through the lens of self-hate. You’ve hurt people along your way so now you think karma is in full effect.

You deserve everything thing bad that comes your way because you can’t see all of the beautiful things that you produce, trampled by the self-hate.

If for a minute you see the light that mind of yours dims the light. Telling you that you’re not worthy of anything good. Telling you that you’ve damaged people on your journey, so why do you think you deserve better?

Looking in the mirror you can’t even see yourself all you see is imperfections in the lens of self-hate. Damaged by your own mind that reflects nothing good.

Self-hate will keep you in spaces that you don’t belong. It’ll keep you in the darkest corner where you feel you can’t come out. Self-hate is your mind playing tricks on you.

How can you be so sure you don’t deserve more when you’ve learned to produce such beautiful things? Having to forgive yourself and others like you because only in that can you dissolve the self-hate.

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