My heart has a song inside of her but she can’t quite find her voice. She writes and adds to this song daily but has no one to hear it. She lies maybe there are people to hear it maybe she’s more afraid than anything.

Her artwork is beautiful but she clams up at the thought of someone seeing it.

Ok maybe I’m lying when telling this story. My heart is more than ready for the world to see her. She’s fought so hard to be free of this space of judgment and lack of love. She just wants the world to see her thrive because she deserves it. She broke through the armor that once had her bonded her light burst out from the inside.

She tells me I told you that I was beautiful you just had to see it for yourself and for once I can truly say i see it. I can also see that she deserves everything she desires. We’re walking as one no longer trying to quiet her voice no longer trying to erase her song as she writes.

She just wants to pour herself out for those that will hear her. She’ll also continue knocking on the armor of the hearts around her until they hear her and find a way to breakthrough.

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