The beginning of my journey

I would have to say my journey started years ago I asked myself who are truly and that little voice answered you’re an egotistical bitch.

I thought to myself well damn I thought I was better than that but looking at myself I had to be honest, and realized that I didn’t do anything that didn’t benefit me. There was always an underlying reason for every move I made.

In that moment I started to read the bible daily but after awhile that became not enough. I felt comforted but something else was missing.

No matter what truth I was seeking out I ended up falling into a depression becoming detached from myself and everything around me. I was just going through the motions of life not feeling anything.

Until everything started to go wrong my father passed away a few days after his funeral found out my daughter had a benign brain tumor and would need surgery and chemotherapy. Along with a tremendous amount of loss that year. The following year my cousin, my soul mate my everything passed away and that’s what truly jumped started my journey.

This journey to get back to my true self the one that’s truly connected to God/The universe/The Source whichever feels comfortable to you.

In this journey I started to see who I truly was and where the residual and repressed pain was coming from in order to heal myself.

So I ask you who are you?

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